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Tuesday - Main Agenda



Capability Accelerator Rally Point - Futures Session

09 May 2023
Tampa Convention Center - Ground Floor - Capabilities Accelerator Rally Point
All Access
Futures is the Command’s investigator for high-risk, asymmetric and disruptive Concepts, Capabilities and Technology in the Force Design (5-15 year) window. The Futures Team will conduct an information session describing the Futures Innovation Cycle. This discussion followed by a Q&A will be centered on how industry (and especially non-traditional vendors and entrepreneurs) can gain access and insight to SOF-peculiar topic areas, engage with SOF Innovators and Operators, and learn the multiple ways industry can become part of a rapid acquisition and technology insertion cycle within S&T.

  • We are extremely excited USSOCOM selected GSOF to co-sponsor its newly envisioned “SOF Week” in 2023. SOF Week will be a national convention for U.S. SOF and include a more diverse slate of programs, to include professional development sessions, operator-driven discussions, and family-focused conversations. In 2020, GSOF was designated as a National Military Association by the U.S. Department of Defense, and we look forward to working with USSOCOM to make “SOF Week” an impactful event.
    Stuart Bradin
    President and CEO, GSOF


Co-sponsorship of this event does not imply endorsement of GSOF, its services, or products by the United States Government, the Department of Defense, or U.S. Special Operations Command.