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Colonel Jason Mitchell Logue

Colonel Jason Mitchell Logue

Director Cognitive and Information Warfare, CYBERCOMD

Colonel Logue is a highly experienced information operations specialist whose unique commissioned career has been almost solely focused on supporting joint, coalition and interagency operations in and through the information environment. Enlisting as an infantry soldier in 1991, he accepted a commission in 2001. Since then he has specialised through a sustained, long-term focus on information environment planning and effects coordination, predominantly at
operational and strategic levels. It includes roles designing, planning and, where authorised, implementing overt, clandestine and covert, lethal and non-lethal effects.

He has deployed on operations to East Timor, Bougainville, Iraq, Afghanistan and the Australian Middle East Region Headquarters, as well as holding extensive Indo-Pacific exercise and engagement experience. He served within the Military Information Support Team in Bougainville for much of 2001. During his deployment with Multi-National Force- Iraq he was awarded a US Army Commendation for his work on information operations planning for the late 2004 operation to secure Fallujah. He returned to Iraq with an interagency team to locate and recover an Australian hostage in 2005 before deploying with the initial Special Operations Task Group to Afghanistan later that year. He returned to the Middle East for most of 2010 implementing a Government-directed media embed program, in addition to managing broader public information outputs during that tumultuous year.

Colonel Logue has extensive joint staff, coalition and interagency experience. This includes the orchestration of emerging Defence cyber capabilities, sensitive collection, psychological operations, public information, electronic attack, clandestine action and lethal strike options with interagency processes and authorities, in multiple theatres. He has leveraged an extensive international professional network, developed over two decades of combined operations, to stay abreast of rapid developments in his specialisation. Through his career, he has focussed on integration of the cognitive and information warfare disciplines to ensure the joint force maximises its use of military power, within authorities. Before his current appointment, Colonel Logue was selected as the inaugural Director and deputy branch head of the Joint Analysis Team, a small, multi-agency element within the Office of National Intelligence tasked with analysing threats, understanding opportunities and designing effects campaigns to address emerging strategic challenges to Australia’s interest. This included developing a National Intelligence Community ‘Effects Handbook’ to better align interagency
understanding and efforts for effects planning and execution in strategic competition.

Colonel Logue graduated from the Australian Command & Staff College in 2009. He holds a Master of Arts in Organisational Communication and a Master of Terrorism and Security Studies. He also holds Defence qualifications in Psychological Operations Planning, Information Operations Planning, Information Environment Advanced Analysis and Joint/Special Operations Planning. He is the author of several published papers on the military use of the information environment and is an adjunct lecturer in propaganda, persuasion and influence. He was recognised for his information environment expertise when appointed a Member of the Order of Australia in 2014 and by the international Information Professionals Association with the Order of Hermes award in 2021.

Colonel Logue is married to Shay and they have two adult sons forging careers of their own.


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