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STRIKE AC-130J: Delivered the final production AC-130J, completing AFSOC’s 30-aircraft Gunship fleet, executing 4 Block 20+ to Block 30 retrofits. 

ARMED OVERWATCH: Began production on Lot 1 of the Armed Overwatch platform, now designated OA-1K. The first five aircraft are in assembly for delivery to AFSOC. PEO-FW also awarded the second Armed Overwatch delivery order to L3Harris for Lot 2, 9 aircraft, bringing the total number of aircraft on contract to 16. L3Harris successfully completed maximum loads testing on a re-designed wing. 


MC-130J: Delivered four MC-130J Capability Release 2 aircraft with SOF-Peculiar Terrain Following Radar and Airborne Mission Networking systems improving networked communications, and situational awareness during low-level flight. 

RADIO FREQUENCY COUNTERMEASURES (RFCM): Delivered two MC-130J aircraft modified with the RFCM system, began Developmental Flight Test on both AC-130J and MC-130J test aircraft, and began first development spiral for software-enabled capability upgrades. 

AC/MC-130J INTEGRATED TACTICAL MISSION SYSTEMS: Successfully conducted two live-fire demonstrations of Dahlgren’s Battle Management System Killchain Automation capability on the AC-130J enhancing find, target, and engage operations. 

FW TRAINING DEVICES: Delivered first-ever Block 30 configured AC-130J cockpit simulator, three AC-130J Mission Operator Pallet training devices, and two AC-130J aerial gunner training devices. 


SILENT KNIGHT RADAR: Completed Qualification Flight Tests with the 160th SOAR and final delivery of Enhanced Weather Penetration software, increasing the radar’s performance significantly in heavy precipitation. 

CV-22: Modified second aircraft with the AN/APQ-187 Silent Knight Radar for developmental Terrain Following/ Terrain Avoidance flight testing. Ushered 11 CV-22s through Link 16 modifications.


MQ-9: Fielded automated takeoff/landing providing users the ability to launch and recover OCONUS aircraft from a CONUS location and reduce logistical footprint. 

MQ-1C: Completed initial operational testing of Gray Eagle Miniaturized Mission Interface increasing capabilities and significantly reducing logistical footprint. 

LONG ENDURANCE AIRCRAFT: Provided 7200 hours of 24/7, multi-sensor, no-blink airborne ISR capability flying up to 30 hours/sortie. Upgraded precision navigation capability improving mission performance in degraded GPS environments. 

NON-STANDARD AVIATION: While transporting SOF operators and equipment, the 20 aircraft fleet flew over 500 missions moving over 3000 personnel and over 1.5M pounds of cargo in support of operations.

C-27J: Awarded the Cockpit upgrade contract removing obsolescent parts delivering new capabilities and extending the life cycle of the aircraft. 

ADAPTIVE AIRBORNE ENTERPRISE (A2E): Completed detailed planning and contract actions supporting three A2E demonstrations planned for FY24 supporting COMAFSOC-priority accelerated capability development. 


AC-130J HIGH ENERGY LASER: Integration and Test activities with the laser, beam control system, thermal, and power systems continued through FY23 in preparation for FY24 system testing. 

MC-130J AMPHIBIOUS CAPABILITY: To meet FY24 Critical Design Review, conducted hydrodynamic, ground vibration, and wind tunnel testing of float/attachment structures. 

HIGH SPEED VERTICAL TAKEOFF/LANDING: Partnered with Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency for a 50/50 cost share. Awarded multiple contracts for initial phase concept design phase based on source selection utilizing data received from DARPA BAA. 

COLLABORATIVE AUTONOMY: Conducted incremental flight tests demonstrating increasing collaborative autonomy functionality/capabilities of Golden Horde Autonomy Software integrated on Elanus Engineering Testbed uncrewed aircraft in support of A2E. 


• 4 MC-130J CR-2 Modified aircraft 

• 2 Radio Frequency Countermeasure equipped MC-130J aircraft

• 1 AC-130J cockpit simulator

• 3 AC-130J Mission Operator Pallet training devices

• 2 AC-130J aerial gunner training devices

• 27 Silent Knight Radar Systems 

• 1 AC-130J aircraft 

• 4 AC-130J Block 30 upgrades 

• 96 Hellfire Missiles 

• 570 GBU-69/B Small Glide Munitions 

• 107 AGM-176A Griffin Missiles 


  • We are extremely excited to convene the community at SOF Week 2024. This convention for U.S. and International SOF will include a diverse slate of programs, to include professional development sessions, interactive discussions about the future of SOF, and an up-close view of some of the best tech available to our warfighters. GSOF looks forward to working with USSOCOM to make SOF Week 2024 an impactful event.
    Stuart Bradin
    President and CEO, GSOF


Co-sponsorship of this event does not imply endorsement of GSOF, its services, or products by the United States Government, the Department of Defense, or U.S. Special Operations Command.