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Capability Accelerator Rally Point


Capability Accelerator Rally Point

About the Capability Accelerator Rally Point*

The Capability Accelerator Rally Point will provide an opportunity for companies with innovative products, or concepts, to present their technological advances to priority modernization areas and emerging technologies of significant interest to USSOCOM AT&L representatives and USSOCOM SMEs.

Selected companies will be offered a 20 minute “presentation” slot in the Capability Accelerator Rally Point, located on the Lower Level Exhibition Hall in the Tampa Convention Center.

The window to apply for this opportunity closed on 6 APR.

*This opportunity was previously known as the SOF Week Innovation Theater.

Application Window Now Closed

To compete for a spot in the Capability Accelerator Rally Point, organizations needed to complete the application form by 6 APR 2023.

Completion of the application DOES NOT imply your organization will receive a presentation slot; it is an application for consideration.  Receiving a presentation slot is NOT an endorsement of your solution by USSOCOM.

For questions, please contact Dave Hubler at

Present SOF-Unique Concepts and Capabilities in the Following Modernization Areas

Tech Innovation Session (TRL 3-6)

  • Disconnected, high-capacity computing in a tactical (e.g. man packable) form factor
  • Natural language processing techniques capable of operating at the tactical edge to translate low-density languages
  • Unique approaches to leveraging Radio Frequency across the electro-magnetic spectrum to perform sensing & communication, with the potential to interfere/affect potential adversary activities
  • Unique approaches to human-machine interface
  • Technologies that optimize the physical and cognitive performance of the SOF warfighter, while complying with US ethical standards
  • Concepts that enable greater understanding of the use of information to inform and influence, particularly in the digital/virtual domain.
  • Methodology/approaches to develop quantitative metrics regarding how information/influence is perceived by a specific audience.

Tech Insertion Session (TRL 5-9): Specific areas of interest include improvements in achieving the following SOF specific capabilities:

  • Tactical Communications in Contested Environments (driven by environmental and electromagnetic spectrum extreme conditions, as well as adversary actions)
  • Flexible means of encrypted communication capable of implementation across US and allied personnel
  • Novel means of sensing, particularly in undersea or space domains.
  • Scalable Precision Effects, both kinetic and non-kinetic
  • Novel techniques to mitigate unmanned systems (in all domains) from disrupting Special Operations (e.g., Counter-UxS solutions)
  • Techniques to assess the veracity and validity of digital/virtual information
  • Novel approaches to providing logistics for unsupported Special Operations in contested environments

  • We are extremely excited to convene the community at SOF Week 2024. This convention for U.S. and International SOF will include a diverse slate of programs, to include professional development sessions, interactive discussions about the future of SOF, and an up-close view of some of the best tech available to our warfighters. GSOF looks forward to working with USSOCOM to make SOF Week 2024 an impactful event.
    Stuart Bradin
    President and CEO, GSOF


Co-sponsorship of this event does not imply endorsement of GSOF, its services, or products by the United States Government, the Department of Defense, or U.S. Special Operations Command.