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08 May 2023

Tactical diving vehicle showcased by JFD at SOF Week.

Military Embedded Systems
Ahead of delivery to U.S. partner Blue Tide Marine (BTM) for demonstration and training purposes, underwater capability provider JFD (Aberdeen, UK) unveiled its advanced fourman tactical diving platform, Shadow Seal (MK1D), showing a prototype model of the vehicle at the SOF Week convention.

"Shadow Seal is an adaptable lightweight tactical diving vehicle (TDV) able to transport a pilot, navigator, and two passengers in surface, semi-submerged, and submerged mode with a range of 80 nm (92 miles). The company touts the TDV's underwater maneuvrability, which Special Operations Forces require to covertly cross the expanding offshore and littoral water gap, giving added protection to complex, high-value platforms and critical infrastructure."


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  • We are extremely excited to convene the community at SOF Week 2024. This convention for U.S. and International SOF will include a diverse slate of programs, to include professional development sessions, interactive discussions about the future of SOF, and an up-close view of some of the best tech available to our warfighters. GSOF looks forward to working with USSOCOM to make SOF Week 2024 an impactful event.
    Stuart Bradin
    President and CEO, GSOF


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